[Olsr-users] Sticky gateway [was: olsr and streaming]

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 19 23:08:18 CET 2009

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L. Aaron Kaplan schrieb:
> First of all, I want to ask you to elaborate a bit on your claim.
> Can you give an example? Would be interesting.
> But so far I think you missed a point from the practical side here :)
> But I just saw that the others replied to it already.
> I also recently talked with Hannes - probably the clean way to do that  
> (for NATed networks) is to have an automatic GRE tunnel (or some other  
> tunnel) set up to the default gw which you want to "stick" to.
> But I guess everybody on the list is open to better proposals.

using GRE-tunnel requires setting up an interface and thus holding a
state on the gateway, which should not be nessesary, as the way back to
the node does not need a tunnel.

assymetric tunnels has been done in batman, but a part of the routing

IMHO is tunneling not a task for the olsrd, the olsrd has just to
deliver sufficient information to allow a daemon to set up the required

i did assymetric tunnel for olsr networks as a proof of concept, the
leipzig people wrote an .ipkg for freifunk firmware:

an other solution is loose source routing, as done by the ninux.org
people, you set your desired gateway as "next" hop and the packet will
be forwarded to that gateway, there the final destination ip goes into
the ip header.

maybe saverio can write more about this approach.

all this things can be done at the same time in a olsr mesh, so i think
it would make sense to assume it as a service, so it has to be announced
as a service and a node should be able to choose.

> a.
> summary & short answer from my perspective: "it works reasonably well  
> in all networks in practice which I have encountered for now"

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