[Olsr-users] memory leakage in 0.5.6-r7 (vs 0.5.6-r5) on OpenWrt

Russell Senior (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 13 22:59:11 CET 2009

>>>>> "Henning" == Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)> writes:

Russell> I added that commit as a patch to my local OpenWrt tree and
Russell> so far so good.  Btw, my leaky OpenWrt version was -r7 plus a
Russell> couple patches (not a completely vanilla -r7).

Russell> 100-no_forwarding_override.patch
Russell> 150-olsrd_quagga_backport.patch

Henning> Are these two patches OpenWRT specific ? If not I would like
Henning> to see if we can just include them into the OLSRd stable
Henning> repository.

I'm not sure.  They've been in the OpenWrt tree since April and July,
repectively.  The first was applied by nbd and the second by acinonyx.
Russell> Right now, on our network, I would have expected to see about
Russell> 5 new 4k memory pages in the leaky version.  I've seen no
Russell> growth since boot on the patched version.  I'm getting the
Russell> patch into OpenWrt trunk pending a new release of olsrd.

Still rock solid, after two hours.  Looks like you got it.

Henning> Good ! I think we will move to a 0.5.6-r8 soon...

Nice!  I'll watch for it.  Thanks.

Russell Senior, President

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