[Olsr-users] olsrd on Android emulator

Giancarlo Romeo (spam-protected)
Fri Dec 4 23:17:10 CET 2009

I've compiled olsrd (0.5.6-r7) using
NDK (1.5-r1) with command:

   $ make OS=android DEBUG=0 build_all

then I put olsrd file in emulator:

   $ adb push olsrd /data/olsrd

Now, when I run olsrd the output is:

   # ./olsrd
   [1] + Stopped (signal)        ./olsrd

and then, after any command:

   [1]   Segmentation fault      ./olsrd

Can you tell me how can I execute
olsrd on Android emulator?
Giancarlo Romeo

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