[Olsr-users] Olsrd delete the routes and seems to stop after a ifconfig down/up. I really need to restart?

Douglas Diniz (spam-protected)
Thu Aug 27 18:53:31 CEST 2009

Hi, I'm using the olsrd 0.5.6-r3 in a ppc terminal. I have 2 terminal in
adhoc mode and 2 laptops plugged in each terminal:

laptop1 <------> terminal1  ~~~~~~ terminal2 <------> laptop2

I configured the olsr to divulge the laptop's networks, so the laptops ping
each other and I can see the routes in the routing tables of each terminal.

The problem is that I have a program that change the wifi configuration, but
to do so the program first do a "ifconfig ath0 down" and after a "ifconfig
ath0 up", but after the ifconfig down the routes are deleted by olsr and
after the ifconfig up the routes aren't redone.
Seems that after a ifconfig down the olsr stops  the work in this interface,
even after a ifconfig up.

This a known effect? I dont want to restart olsrd, so there is something I
could do?

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