[Olsr-users] Proposal: Use just one socket to send and receive messages on all interfaces

Joerg Pommnitz (spam-protected)
Wed Sep 10 12:54:56 CEST 2008

Regarding your comment "This part is not very interesting for
OLSR because OLSR only sendsbroadcast packages."

I beg to differ :-)
Not about the broadcast messages (which are multicast messages for
IPv6, btw). You need a way to say "send this message over the
following interface". How else would you control where the olsr
message ends up?

Currently this is done by using SO_BINDTODEVICE to bind a socket to
the desired interface, which obviously requires one socket per interface.
Using the way I proposed one could send all messages over one socket
and specify the desired interface as a parameter.

Going this way would remove a lot of complexity from the "interface
sensing code" that currently polls the interfaces to see whether one
changed its state.


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