[Olsr-users] Route desired destination-addresses alternatively

Michael Rack (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 17 13:39:13 CEST 2008

Hi List!

I have three Internet Service Providers. In expect two DSL Providers and 
one Wireless-Provider.

My Internet-Setup look as follow:
eth0 = Wirelees Provider (2048 down / 2048 up / 18ms Latency)
eth1 = DSL Provider (2048 down / 2048 up / 48ms Latency)
eth2 = DSL Provider (4096 down / 1024 up / 40ms Latency)

Over all three interfaces there run a vpn-tunnel from salzburg (austria) 
to nürnberg (germany) with fixed ip-addresses.

VPN-Tunnel look as follow:
tap0    91.205.xx.49/30   91.205.xx.50/30   2048 down / 2048 up / 18ms 
tap1    91.205.xx.53/30   91.205.xx.54/30   2048 down / 2048 up / 48ms 
tap2    91.205.xx.57/30   91.205.xx.58/30   4096 down / 1024 up / 40ms

In salzburg, OLSR will send traffic via vpn over tap0 (Wireless) to get 
2048k of upstream.
In nürnberg, OLSR will send traffic via vpn over tap2 (DSL) to get 4096k 
of downstream.

Now there is Voice-Over-IP on the traffic. 18ms is better then 40ms for 

The Asterisk-Server is located in salzburg and listen on 91.205.xx.117. 
How can i route all traffic to this ip-address over tap0 to get the 18ms 
of latency for upstream reasons from Nürnberg to Salzburg?

When i do "ip route add 91.205.xx.117 via 91.205.xx.50 dev tap0" 
telephony will break if the interface goes down on the remote side.

I like olsr do the job. If 91.205.xx.117 could not be reached via tap0, 
olsr shoud route alternative to tap2 / tap1.

Is this setup to do with olsr?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Rack.

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