[Olsr-users] Link quality multiplier

John Harris (spam-protected)
Tue Oct 14 21:56:09 CEST 2008

Hii Bernd...

Yes of course, it is obvious that the packets are forwarded hop by hop. I think my problem was, that the position of the router was close to each other. In my example:

the Router A was in the transmission range of the Router C, the Router A could realize the transmission range of C, which sends the HNA packets. I think this could be the reason why the Router A sends the packets directly to C and ignored the Router B.

Even by changing the routing tables of the router, I couldn't send the packets through the Router B. What do you think Bernd, is my assertion correct ?

I will try the same test, where the routers have a certain distance to each other and decreasing the transmit power. Can I rough estimate the transmission range for example for 1dB,2dB......approximately in meters ???

You mentioned to change the iptables rules...
But  can I sends the packets from a Router through my desired routes saved in the routing tables even when the Router can receive the HNA packets of a different Router, ????
I had no success with this solution ...

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