[Olsr-users] Mobile robotics

Nelson Gonçalves (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 2 12:56:16 CEST 2008

> To do this Olsrd have to know where each process located at the
> moment.

I am not sure that is absolutely required because I never used olsrd. I
think that only the plugin that write should know the processes.

> Hmm... if you give every process an ip address you could directly
> talk with UDP/TCP between processes.

I know that. And although it may seem strange, that is precisely what I
am trying to avoid. I just want my different system components to talk
to each other, ignoring the details on how the messages are actually

If I give everybody an IP I still need to match the IP to a logical
destination. I take the robots somewhere else, the IP changes. Or if I
decide to run some processes in different computers.


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