[Olsr-users] The bug in 0.5.6-r2 on olsr.org front page

Eric Malkowski (spam-protected)
Wed Nov 19 22:06:16 CET 2008

Hi all-

I saw the post about a bug in 0.5.6-r2 on the front page of the 
www.olsr.org website.
I looked at the users and devel mailing list archives and it's unclear 
to me what the problem is.
The "bugs" link that goes to sourceforge on the front page appears to 
have really old stuff.

I'm very curious what the nature of the bug in 0.5.6-r2 is.  Can someone 
kindly post a link to whatever mailing list entry or other medium 
describes the issue?


-Eric Malkowski

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