[Olsr-users] OLSR GUI is corrupting my IP settings ?

Bhat, Ishwara (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 14 14:14:07 CET 2008



I am trying OLSR on Dell 630 laptop and downloaded Broadcom linux driver
for the same. I am running Fedora core 9.


I have an ad hoc network of 2 laptops, one with windows and the second
with Linux. When I begin, I am able to ping the windows laptop from
Linux. Once I run OLSRd, even then it works. 


But now I start running GUI (built from  olsrd/gui/linux-gtk ).  Now if
I ping windows laptop it says host unreachable. 


After 1 hour when I tried, it started pining normally.


OLSRd GUI seems to corrupt something ?  




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