[Olsr-users] Not getting a default route

Derek C (spam-protected)
Wed Nov 12 16:42:19 CET 2008


I *did* have a working test OLSRd setup but then I moved everything to
kamikaze_8.09_rc1 (because I was worried about the stability of the
madwifi drivers).

I'm not sure what I have wrong.  I have a few boxes up and running with
OLSRd and if I check out the HTTP INFO screen it does see the neighboring
OlSRd gateway box (under Remote IP) but it says "Link Cost" is 0.00 and on
the very far right it says "INFINITE" which I don't remember from before.

I'm using all default values in olsrd.conf (i.e. all values commented out)
and I'm NOT using Hysteresis.

Do you know what stupid think I'm doing wrong?

as always thank you very much for the constant help


Derek C
In Ireland

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