[Olsr-users] Order of VAP creation

Derek C (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 11 15:41:40 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

Sorry - this is a bit off-topic.

Can you tell me what order you create your madwifi VAPs?  (adhoc for
OLSRd, AP(s) for customers, etc).  Also do you set any "special" settings
with iwconfig / iwpriv or directly modifying the proc/sys/dev/wifi0/
settings?  (like nosbeacon, bssid, turbo off, bgscan on/off, bintval,
diversity, etc).

Do you set items like this in the freifunk firmware ?

I'm just confused (pulling my hair out nearly) because I've changed a lot
of these settings with different platforms (x86, atheros) and it DOES seem
to make a difference whether, or not, Windows, OSX and Linux notebooks can
associate to my test OLSRd nodes - I'm not sure why either :s

thanks for any information


p.s. OLSRd seems to be running happily for me on many different platforms
though :)

Derek C
In Ireland

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