[Olsr-users] VAPs (AdHoc + AP)

Derek C (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 6 23:12:16 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

I noticed some mailing recently about issues around using madwifi to make
multiple athX instances in different modes with the one radio card (wifiX
device).  Ok "VAPs" in the subject line is wrong I suppose as I'm talking
about the different modes I suppose :)

Anyway I am running boxes with single radio cards and an AdHoc instance
for OLSRd and then an AP instance for people to associate with (and in
some cases another encrypted AP for trusted computers).

But recently (a different openwrt build perhaps) I'd noticed problems when
trying to make an AP instance:  What happens is that my notebook tries to
associate with the AP but never really does - it just tries & tries and
then eventually gives up (my notebook is Hardy Heron but I think I've seen
this with a Vista notebook too I think).

I've always created the AP instance after the AdHoc one and I've used the
"nosbeacon" option when creating the AP instance.

Is there an exact science about creating multiple athX instances?  It must
be a very common setup with OLSRd ?



Derek C
In Ireland

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