[Olsr-users] Rate limiting in olsr networks

Kaplan L. Aaron (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 3 13:47:10 CEST 2008

yes and no.

> I think this issue will be resolved with the new MIC metric, which
> will take in account the bitrate of the radio. For ethernet links, the
> bitrate might be a fixed value.
if you saturate a wifi link then it is - well saturated.
For rate limiting you could use "tc" (as in traffic control) .
I would suggest that. But it is a non trivial task to find the actual  
possible bandwidth in a wifi link.
Let me give you an example:

let's say that your link can actually transmitt at 18mbit netto
so... you rate limit it to 16mbit. Want to keep some reserves, right?

Then the next moment a big construction crane moves and blocks your  
signal a bit. So the rate drops to 10mbit netto. But your tc settings  
are still at 16mbit.

So IMHO the rate limiting must follow somehow (any ideas out there?)  
the actual netto transmittable rate.

And there are now probably a few other variables in addition  that I  
just ignored :)


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