[Olsr-users] Rate limiting in olsr networks

David Murray (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 3 12:40:15 CEST 2008


I have a question for those that are running large scale OLSR mesh 
networks. I have noticed and read in these lists about a problem whereby 
link congestion can affect the ETX metric. Furthermore, from my 
experience I have also encountered fairness issues where nodes with low 
round trip times to the gateway tend to dominate the bandwidth. Trying 
to test out my network I have been issuing simultaneous iperf sessions 
from the gateway to every network node. This often results in one link 
getting 18 Mbit and another link getting 128k Have others encountered 
similar issues?

I presume that the solution is to rate limit access to the internet. If 
you are employing such a solution I wonder if you could explain how you 
have implemented it.


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