[Olsr-users] DHCP and Billing Models

Benjamin Henrion (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 1 23:36:26 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Jan Groenewald <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> Hi
> A lot of billing models are based on dhcp to keep track
> of sessions. E.g. prepaid (data-based) via chillispot
> speaking via VPN to a central radius server.
> In an OLSR enviroment, one like a freifunk mesh, is there
> some way to keep track of dhcp/sessions?
> 1. centralised DHCP, repeated across mesh.
> Sounds ridiculous even if it is feasible,
> since a mesh should not be centralised, it doesn't scale,
> but zeroconf via IPV6 might approach this?
> 2. chillispot on each node, each speaking to (multiple)
> mesh radius servers. Sounds feasible?
> 3. Don't use IP based, use MAC-based or IP+MAC-based.
> Or the question is wrong altogether. How should it be phrased?

You have some approaches:

1. IPv4: IP addresses are given to clients with a local DHCP server,
hoping that the probability to have the same address on the network is
low. Using a 10.XXX.XXX.XXX/8 address range gaves you a low
probability of conflict. There is a patch to udhcpd 0.9.6 for that
purpose, maybe you have to adapt it for other ranges, like if you want
different networks on different interfaces:


2. IPv4: no dhcp, users have to fix their IP addresses by hand.

3. IPv6: add the MAC address of each client via radvd after your suffix:

Ex: 2001:6f8:309:1:211:+MAC-HERE

For the IPv4 examples it has been tested with OLSR, but I think OLSR
runs on top on IPv6 now:


So I might try OLSR on top of IPv6 once my simulator based on
OpenVZ+OpenWRT is ready.

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