[Olsr-users] how to install olsrd secure plugin

Victor (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 10 06:35:58 CET 2008

Hi Henning, Fabio

Yeh this is the contents of my conf file in kamikazi

DebugLevel              0
IpVersion               4
AllowNoInt              yes
Pollrate                0.1
TcRedundancy            2
MprCoverage             7
LinkQualityFishEye      1
LinkQualityWinSize      100
LinkQualityDijkstraLimit 0 5.0


LoadPlugin "olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.4"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_secure.so.0.5"
	PlParam  "keyfile" "/etc/olsrd.d/olsrd_secure_key"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1"
        PlParam "port"  "8080"
        PlParam "Host"  ""
        PlParam "Net" ""
        MaxConnections  1
LinkQualityLevel 2
UseHysteresis no
Interface "eth1" 
        HelloInterval           5.0
        HelloValidityTime       90.0
        TcInterval              2.0
        TcValidityTime          270.0
        MidInterval             15.0
        MidValidityTime         90.0
        HnaInterval             15.0
        HnaValidityTime         90.0


And the keyfile is 16 bytes long.

Infact on some further investigation of the kamikaze version I realised that
the nodes were sending out packets OLSR packets of type 10 (Ie hello is 1,
TC is 2 etc)? Is that it? But the thing was that the message size was only
36 bytes long and if you subtract the 12 byte olsr message header, the
packet is too small to the be signature message which is 28 bytes.
Also, the other problem is the none of the nodes were connecting to each
other. Might try reinstalling from everything from scratch if there is
nothing else that can be suggested as I;ve messed around with the nvram a

On that note of reinstalling from scratch. Can someone let me know what I
need to do in order to get the olsrd working on Freifunk? The nodes I had
before was programmed by someone else.

This is what I;ve done so far:

1: Erased all nvram
2: tftp'd a fresh copy of freifunk 1.4.5
3: Reconfigured all the nvram and confirmed that the freifunk mesh was
working and connects
4: ipkg install olsrd

Can someone tell me now what? After installing olsrd it stopped sending out
olsr control messages. I haven't touched any of the config files so if
someone could just paste theirs I could help myself.

Thanks a lot for the help

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