[Olsr-users] Olsr quagga pluing problem

Giuseppe Marocchio (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 7 22:55:55 CET 2008

i'ive now trying to redistrubute Olsr router into OSPF whith quagga.
i've compiled olsr 0.5.4 whit quagga plugin  "to connect" quagga and
olsrd unfortunatly when i enable  the plugin olsr doesn't get/put the
route with the olsr cloud.

any question, why in quagga is possible redistribute olsr routers in
ospf and bgp and no in rip?

plugin  is loaded successfully.
this is my olsrd conf:

DebugLevel 0
IpVersion 4
AllowNoInt yes
Pollrate 0.1
TcRedundancy 2
MprCoverage 7
LinkQualityFishEye 1
LinkQualityWinSize 100
LinkQualityDijkstraLimit 0 5.0
LinkQualityLevel 2
UseHysteresis no

#Hna4 {

LoadPlugin "olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2"
        PlParam "ExportRoutes" "only"
        PlParam "Distance" "3"
        PlParam "redistribute" "ospf"

        MaxConnections 0

Interface "ath2"
        HelloInterval 6.0
        HelloValidityTime 108.0
        TcInterval 4.0
        TcValidityTime 324.0
        MidInterval 18.0
        MidValidityTime 324.0
        HnaInterval 18.0
        HnaValidityTime 108.0

the platform is linux openWRT kamikaze on routerboard 133 (adm5120 mips)

Sorry for my bad English
Best regards 

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