[Olsr-users] Problem on DNS server in nameservice plugin

Tony Lam (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 15 03:15:28 CET 2008


I got problem when using the nameservice plugin.
Even I have set the "dns-server" parameter,
but other hosts cannot update thier resolv.conf automatically.

Here is the topology of my network:

    ( To Internet)
--------(ppp0)-------- [ Host A ] --------(eth0, wireless)---------- [ Host
B] ----------(eth0, wireless)---------- [ Host C ]
A's ppp0 IP:
A's eth0 IP:                                B's eth0 IP:                              C's eth0 IP:
A's DNS:

I have added "dns-server" "" in A's olsr.conf
and added "resolv-file" "/etc/resolv.conf" in A, B and C's olsr.conf
(All 3 hosts have nameserice plugin enabled)

HNA is enabled in A by:
# Example Internet gateway:

Is there any problem about my settings??
If yes, then what can I change in order to make host A broadcast it's DNS
server to other hosts??

Can anyone provide some help???
Thx a lot!!! =]

The hosts update works totally fine
/etc/hosts can update correctly
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