[Olsr-users] help on MOLSR

John Zavgren (spam-protected)
Wed Sep 12 17:07:45 CEST 2007

Alberto, et al:

I was never able to get molsr to build. I think its dead-end code that was
built for Solaris, but never fully ported to Linux. I finally gave up and
switched over to the NRL SMF code. It can be obtained on the Naval Research
Labs WWW site. It doesn't implement IGMP and it floods all multicast
datagrams so that every interface in the network receives all of them, even
when they don't need or want them.

There are several flooding algorithms that can be invoked that try to reduce
the flooding traffic to a "dull roar" that leverage the OLSR flooding proxy

Please let me know if you get anywhere with the MOSLR code. I didn't.
Perhpas I couldn't find the right person to help with this. It'd be nice to
have IGMP and muticast spanning trees, etc.

Good Luck

On 9/12/07, alberto debarros <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>  *I am trying to build molsr on Linux. I have downloaded MOLSR code at
> http://hipercom.inria.fr/SMOLSR-MOLSR/downloads.html
> ** but this doesn't run *
> * Could oyu help me please?*
> **
> *Best regards*
> **
> *Alberto de Barros*

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