[Olsr-users] Regarding 3+ radio mesh routing nodes

Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 7 13:07:16 CEST 2007

On Jun 7, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Benjamin Henrion wrote:

> Which typical weights to do you put on eth0, eth1 and eth2, eth0 being
> the ethernet, eth1 the 2.4Ghz radio and eth2 the 5Ghz radio?
depends, most of the time there are no weights. Or individually tuned  
with trial & error.

But if an area has to little BW then we try to provide some BW with  
5GHz bridges.
-> reduces hop count *and* changes the channel. We often use  
osbridge.com equipment for that. But now we are looking at buffalo  
WHR108AG equipment.

On the map  http://sandwich.funkfeuer.at/topo
you can see the big messy parts... that is where to many 5GHz bridges  
are connect to each other without
routers in between. Something that should be fixed actually :)

concerning weights -
so , from the sample olsrd.conf file:

    # If a certain route should be preferred
     # or ignored by the mesh, the Link Quality
     # value of a node can be multiplied with a factor
     # entered here. In the example the route
     # using would rather be ignored.
     # A multiplier of 0.5 will result in a small
     # (bad) LinkQuality value and a high (bad)
     # ETX value.

     # LinkQualityMult 0.5

     # This multiplier applies to all other nodes
     # LinkQualityMult default 0.8

you can play around with these values... decrease the link quality  
mult on all interfaces except the one that you like to be prefered.

hope it helps+
all the best,

> If you could draw a schema of your whole installation, that would  
> be nice too.
> On 6/7/07, Aaron Kaplan <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> >
>> > My experience is that OLSR does reuse the same channel all the  
>> time,
>> > even if you put another cable with another route which is faster if
>> > you
>> > put the routes by hand.
>> >
>> OLSR is still basically hop count based but you can use the weights
>> to make it prefer certain interfaces.
>> As I said,  we use 802.11a in addition. Especially the 802.11a
>> bridges. This reduces the hop count
>> and changes to a different freq (5GHz). So.. no interference between
>> the 802.11b/g/ and the 802.11a links of course.
>> > That's why I am trying to test Batman to see if it chooses the  
>> fastest
>> > route in terms of throughput.
>> >
>> > Aaron, if it works for you, I am interested to have your detailed
>> > configuration.
>> >
>> is this explanation sufficient?
>> all the best,
>> a.
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