[Olsr-users] Problem starting olsrd with Quagga Plugin

Frank E. Renwick (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 26 17:24:29 CEST 2007


Thanks for the assistance.  Here is the output of the netstat command:

[(spam-protected) ~]# netstat -lp | grep zebra
tcp        0      0 *:discp-client              *:*
LISTEN      2794/zebra          
raw        0      0 *:ipv6-icmp                 *:*
7           2794/zebra          
unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     9406   2794/zebra

It appears the zebra socket is at /var/run, not /var/run/quagga.


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Hallo Frank,
du schrobst:
> I recently installed the Quagga Plugin that comes with olsrd-0.5.0.  I 
> am using Quagga version 0.98.6, and I installed the olsr quagga patch 
> before compiling Quagga.

Excellent ;-)

> When I attempt to execute olsrd with the Quagga Plugin enabled, I 
> receive the following error message:
> Library: olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2
> OLSR EXIT: AIIIII, could not connect to zebra! is zebra running?
> Terminated

Can you confirm where your zebra-socket is? (netstat -lp) On some system it
is an tcp-socket on port 2600, on other systems it is an Unix Domain Socket
usally located at /var/run/quagga/zserv.api. 

Per default the quagga-plugin looks for /var/run/quagga/zserv.api and if the
connect failes, the message above is issued. 

If your quagga listened on TCP (for security-reasons this is not recommend
as anybody from localhost can change routes) you must comment out the CFLAGS
+=-DUSE_UNIX_DOMAIN_SOCKET line in the Makefile.


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