[OLSR-users] Anyone tried two nodes with internet connection?

Rajesh Narayanan (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 10 21:15:13 CET 2007

Well, thats right and exactly the problem I am having.
Even when the pings do not go through via the static route, the router does
not route the pings via the route introduced by the OLSR. But when I
manually remove the static route, the pings are successful.

My question is that this process should be transparent to the user. I should
not need to go remove the static route so that I can reach via the olsr

Dont you think?


On 1/10/07, Sven-Ola Tuecke <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> Hi,
> this is easy. A linux / windows / macos [fill in] pc does not remove any
> static default route just by wishing. You can distingush static routes by
> metric=0, whereas route introduced by olsrd always have metric>=1
> // Sven-Ola
> ""Rajesh Narayanan"" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:(spam-protected)
> Hi,
> Here are some more observations.
> In the network, the OLSR (on Node1) seems to behave correctly by
> advertising
> to Node2 that you cannot reach the internet via Node1 anymore. Doing a
> 'route -n' on Node2 shows that it Node1's IP addres HAS been removed.
> Now the confusion is, if Node1 informs Node2 of it (Node1) not being a
> route
> to internet anymore, why does it not remove its own default internet
> route???? Pings, traceroutes, linkstates, interface-states, seriously I
> dont
> think really matters. One can use whatever parameter they want. Just make
> sure the damn route does not exist in Node1 when it finds out that its own
> WAN interface cannot be used to reach the internet.
> Some suggestions:
> 1. If using pings/traceroutes ensure that the packets are sent over the
> interface of that node and if it fails then take appropriate action
> (delete
> it as the route in case pings or traceroute fails, keep it or add it if it
> succeeds)
> 2. Link/Interface state (probably means the same thing) should also be
> used,
> as its an internally generated event and OLSR can be notified immediately.
> Take similar actions as above of deleting or adding the route appropriatel
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