[OLSR-users] expected functionality of olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.3?

Drew (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 18 05:12:41 CEST 2006

Is anyone able to answer this? I'd just like to figure out if I'm 
expecting the dyn_gw plugin to do something that it's not made to do, or 
if it's not working correctly on my system.

> When I plug in the ethernet cable, under the "Announced HNA entries" 
> section on the httpinfo plugin, I see display as expected, and 
> when I unplug it, it's removed from the "Announced HNA entries" section.
> But when I do route -n:
> <snip>
>         UG    0      0        
> 0 eth0
>         UG    1      0        
> 0 br0
> My route (eth0) is always there, whether it's plugged in or not. 
> Shouldn't it be removed from the routing table so that the traffic can 
> start going out of the br0 route instead of my own eth0? Am I missing 
> something?

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