[OLSR-users] Usage of BMF plugin

Deborah Charan (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 9 23:11:10 CEST 2006

I am able to get the plug-in installed, and can see all the traffic, I'm 
just not sure how my application is to get the packets.  Nor if I'm 
understanding exactly what is going on correctly.  I'm new to multicast too.

My setup is From A <-> B <-> C

'A' broadcasts a packet to a multicast address, B receives it on eth1, 
encapsulates it in another packet and sends it to xxx.xxx.xxx.255 on 
port 50698.  Machine 'C' gets the packet on eth1 and then unencapsulates 
it and I see on the tun0 interface a packet that appears to be from 
Machine 'A' to the multicast address originally chosen.  My application 
on machine 'C' that has subscribed to the multicast group doesn't ever 
see the packet come in on tun0.  Should I have a route for those 
packets, I'm not sure how to route from the tun0 interface back to 
eth1.  I do have /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward set to 1.

Any help is appreciated.


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