[OLSR-users] forcing olsr routing via LAN

Henning Wangerin (spam-protected)
Tue May 2 23:54:26 CEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 22:04 +0200, Marco Tidow wrote:
> well, there´s no way doing this via web-interface config in the Freifunk-FW.

I prefer a command-line, so that is fine ;-)

The web-interface was just easier in the begining. Now I need something
more advanced.

> But´s rather simple, edit (via shell and included vi, or use copy-n-paste the
> stuff below) /etc/local.olsrd.conf:

<cut script>

Thats seems to be just what I needed. 

> This is from working setup, with interface "vlan2" being an additional
> interface taken from the switch by vlan-tagging setup, a ka not bridged to
> LAN or WAN (only avail. w/ vers.2 hardware: wrt54gv2.2+ or SE505v2).

I have a mix of varius types of hardware, som I guess I need to enhace
it a little.

> In your case, you may like to replace the device with some other (br0, vlan1),
> but I like to keep the "standard" interfaces in the Freifunk-FW operational,
> using the extra interface to ether-link multiple routers back-to-back.

Jep. I plan on make a standard setup where interfaces are setup as
wifi: 10.128.x.1/16 (olsr-wlan)
wan: dhcp
lan1-3: 192.168.x.1/24
lan4: 10.128.x.2 (olsr-lan)

That way I can just replace any router with any spare or less used
router if one fails.

> You will have to look at iptable-rules etc. too, to get that stuff up ´n running.

Sure. Had that problem on my laptop. Sent hello-messages, but no
outgoing tc-messages - the firewall prevented them from comming in ;-)

> timing parameters for the extra-interface above are just the same as for wifi, but
> do not have to.
> In the end, olsrd takes the ethernet as secondary, MID-addr. of the same node, as
> the wifi-IP.  The IP´s of the wired links w´ont show up in routing tables of
> other nodes; just in topology-msg the info about´em is carried.

If 4.1 recieves something for 5.1 wouldn't souldn't there be a
route-entry pointing at 4.2 (via 5.2)?

The routing shouldn't go directly to 4.1(WLAN) but via 5.2/4.2(LAN)

> (result of ethernet-if´s being the second interface, wifi the first in config
> file)  LQ of ether-links are typically 1.00, but may differ +-2%, if cpu-load is high
> or the ethernet suffers from congestion.

In my test setup I typically have etx of max 1.05 and lq of 0.95-1.00 on
the main links. Also when sucking 6Mbit thru a 3 to 4 hop connection,
covering 2 times 2,5 km.

> vlan-tagging is higly dependant on router-model, I´ve skipped that for now, feel free
> to ask for an example (cmdline stuff too), please.  

Right now the main site where I need the olsr-LAN is running off a
WRT54GV1.1, a WRT54GV2.0 and a WRT54GSV4.0.

Actually I have 3*WRT54GV2.0 sitting around the net, so maybe I should
consertrate them the in the beginning.

I'll be back.

Henning Wangerin <(spam-protected)>

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