[OLSR-users] forcing olsr routing via LAN

Marco Tidow (spam-protected)
Tue May 2 22:04:15 CEST 2006

On Tue, May.02. 20:16 +0200, Henning Wangerin wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 23:34 -0500, Andrew Hodel wrote:
> > I would weight the ethernet interface heavily to force all traffic
> > through.  Just because 10/10 multicast packets got through does not
> > mean that the wireless link should be used when ethernet is available.
> Just my point. But how do I do it? (using link-quality, not hop-count /
> freifunk)


well, there´s no way doing this via web-interface config in the Freifunk-FW.

But´s rather simple, edit (via shell and included vi, or use copy-n-paste the
stuff below) /etc/local.olsrd.conf:

# remove rom-copy, make it a writeable file (in jffs-fs)
[ -L "$f" ] && { rm "$f"; cp "/rom$f" "$f"; }

# place the following stuff there
cat >"$f" <<'EOHERE'
Interface "vlan2"
        HelloInterval           5.0
        HelloValidityTime       90.0
        TcInterval              2.0
        TcValidityTime          270.0
        MidInterval             15.0
        MidValidityTime         90.0
        HnaInterval             15.0
        HnaValidityTime         90.0

# restart olsrd, creating new /var/etc/olsrd.conf on the fly:
/etc/init.d/S53olsrd restart

This is from working setup, with interface "vlan2" being an additional
interface taken from the switch by vlan-tagging setup, a ka not bridged to
LAN or WAN (only avail. w/ vers.2 hardware: wrt54gv2.2+ or SE505v2).

In your case, you may like to replace the device with some other (br0, vlan1),
but I like to keep the "standard" interfaces in the Freifunk-FW operational,
using the extra interface to ether-link multiple routers back-to-back.

You will have to look at iptable-rules etc. too, to get that stuff up ´n running.

timing parameters for the extra-interface above are just the same as for wifi, but
do not have to.
In the end, olsrd takes the ethernet as secondary, MID-addr. of the same node, as
the wifi-IP.  The IP´s of the wired links w´ont show up in routing tables of
other nodes; just in topology-msg the info about´em is carried.
(result of ethernet-if´s being the second interface, wifi the first in config
file)  LQ of ether-links are typically 1.00, but may differ +-2%, if cpu-load is high
or the ethernet suffers from congestion.

vlan-tagging is higly dependant on router-model, I´ve skipped that for now, feel free
to ask for an example (cmdline stuff too), please.  


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