[OLSR-users] forcing olsr routing via LAN

Kosta Welke (spam-protected)
Tue May 2 01:46:18 CEST 2006

Henning Wangerin wrote:
> How would that be configured so packets from 7.1 to 3.1 goes
> WLAN->ethernet->WLAN ?

Well olsrd uses the hopcount metric by default, which is blind to link 
quality. Assuming the ethernet will give a better link than WLAN, you 
can use the link quality metric. This way, olsrd is more likely to use 
the ethernet links.
If I am not mistaken, the freifunk software uses the link quality metric 
by default. (in case you use it)

> 1) The wrt can be setup to bridge wlan and lan, but wouldn't that send
> data sent from 6.1 to 4.1 to the wireless too?

I think you dont want bridging. Simply tell olsrd to use the ethernet 
interface, too.

> 2) The wrt can be setup to use 4.2 5.2 and 6.2 on the LANs, but how
> would olsrd wnow to send data for form 4.1 to 5.1 via LAN?

Using the link quality metric, it will use the link that seems to be the 
most reliable. This usually is the ethernet.
(I couldnt find either 4.2, 5.2 or 6.2 on your map, I assume these are 
the ip addresses of your ethernet interfaces?)

I hope I make any sense, I'm too tired to really think but was unable to 
refrain myself from posting.


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