[OLSR-users] Routes hang around a bit longer?

Phill Brown (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 29 14:15:42 CEST 2006

I currently have a community network setup with about 15 nodes linked over
long distance.  Till a couple of days ago, this network was statically

After seeing the amazing possibilities of olsr, I have installed it on all
of the router boxes and removed the static routes and gateways.


Previously when the wireless link would drop momentarily there would be no
noticeable disconnection to irc and other services running on the network,
now there is a noticeable drop as all routes disappear and take a while for
the routes to come back.  Sometimes I have to ssh into the next router from
the previous router (as I have no routes to get back to me and both routers
can see each other) to kill the olsrd and load it again, instantly bringing
the routes back again.  Sometimes I have to do this as the routes simply
don't come back.  I am new to olsr and have read as much documentation as
possible but cannot find an answer to fix this.  Any ideas or advice?




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