[OLSR-users] no bridging, iptable entries

Joe Bush (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 19:24:44 CEST 2006

> Then you probably want to look into configuring HNA.
> No subnetting, only host routes are managed directly and every node may
> announce per HNA other reachable networks - i.e. "rotues" (where you can
> configure any net you want).

Of course. I didn't really mean subnetting. But it sure is a nice term
to throw around. :|

I have things working fairly nicely now. I set up the mesh as, and the LAN port on each box as 10.21.x.0/24 (0 to 3 so
far). I was able to forward packets between interfaces using iptables
fairly easily.

The router is, of course, running with the dyn_gw plugin, which is
distributing nicely to the other nodes.

The remaining question for the infrastructure setup is how to
distribute DNS's. I was looking at the nameserver plugin (posted about
this too), but I couldn't get it to do anything. The desciption I was
refered to didn't seem very helpful since no matter what I did, no
nameserver was distributed.

Any ideas how exactly this plugin can be used? If it can't be used the
was I intended, any suggestions for dynamically distributing DNS? If
not, I can always set it manually. It just seems nice to have it
spread itself amongst the nodes like the gateway does.


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