[OLSR-users] Non-OLSR ad-hoc client

Benjamin Henrion (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 10:16:53 CEST 2006

Sven-Ola Tuecke <(spam-protected)> [060608]:
> Joe,
> in short: Meshcubes are not sold anymore. MadWifi does multi-bss, but only 
> client+master - no chance for ad-hoc+master (get out gdb and invest some 
> spare tim on bugfixing :in theory that should work, but many bugs here). 
> Best bet are the upcoming Atheros SoC - maybe 2007. As always - it's a 
> matter of pricing and availibility. Grab some Gaffa tape and bundle 2 WRTs. 
> Thats cheap and you can do anything _now_.

FYI, WRTs are at 1EUR + transport until 12h30 Paris hour today.

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