[OLSR-users] no bridging, iptable entries

Joe Bush (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 10:15:31 CEST 2006

> > from/to the wlan interface to/from the internet, and it isn't allowing
> > communication between WLAN and LAN. Is there something critical
> > missing that the author of the page has overlooked, or is there
> > something in my configuration that needs changing?
> Do you have IP adresses on all eth/wlan interfaces and configured olsrd
> to use them?

If I enable olsr o the ehternet ports I can then ping them from other
ap's. This still doesn't allow me access to the internet
unfortunately. (I thought it would too)

I don't see the definitive necessity for running olsr on the ethernet
ports, especially on the router itself. My ethernet printer and voip
adapter aren't running olsr, so this solution isn't at all practical.
It should be possible to run olsr only on the wireless interface, but
somehow routing the traffic.

I am fairly new to olsr, although I have been reading about it's uses
for a while now. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything explaining
what type of subnetting, topology, etc that would be required in
various scenarios.

If you know of any site that might have such info, I'd appreciate a
link. Otherwise, I'll keep looking. I'd really like to get olsr
working nicely at home before I try to convince others to use it.


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