[OLSR-users] Bridge removed, strange results?

Joe Bush (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 7 23:49:18 CEST 2006

As I mentioned earlier, I am running my OpenWrt boxes using bridging
between the LAN and WLAN. This was giving extremely poor performance
for (OLSR and non-OLSR) machines connected to the LAN port. I ended up
removing the bridge, and the result wasn't as expected.

Suddenly, the unbridged box could not see any of the other OLSR boxes
and vice-versa. Yet my machine, wired to different OLSR box, could see
the unbridged one once I started olsr. My machine was the only one in
the unbridged box's MPR list. I could also see all the others.

Is this strange? I think so, but there may be a logical explanation
that I am hoping someone here will explain to me. ;)


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