[OLSR-users] olsr zerconf mixture

Fabian Deutsch (spam-protected)
Tue Jun 6 16:26:55 CEST 2006


I'just subscribed to this list. Lately I have been looking at autoconfiguration in ad hoc networks.

Also I looked at the papers describing the plugin for olsr for autoconfiguration. I might have something similar ...

Currently I use a zerconf implementation for local-link autoconfiguration and small tool (lines taken from olsr-gui) which looks for olsr route changes.

My steps:
1. Initial setup using zeroconf on local link
2. Start olsrd, connect to neighbours
3. Watch olsrd IPC messages for route changes
4. If detecting duplicate address (route add including local ip), choose a different IP.
5. Goto 3

It is working with three hosts. Didn't test it for more though ...

Get it: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~fabiand/olsr/olw2.tar.bz2

Fabian Deutsch <(spam-protected)>

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