[OLSR-users] Mobile node(s) in dead spot

Henning Wangerin (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 5 22:37:44 CEST 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 00:33 -0500, asutosh gopinath wrote:
> Is is possible for B to carry data of A when it is close to A and 
> pass them on to C when it is on the way to C? B also needs to 
> send its own data to C. 

No. olsr is a routing protocol that handles how trafic passes betweene
two nodes i (more or less) realtime.

What you need is a system that makes some sort of store and forward. 

What data do you need to transmit?

> I have a linux embedded computer and want to make a MANET out of 
> it using USB Wifi adapter. Does OLSR accept USB Wlan devices?

olsr don't care what sort of devices you use. If our computer can speak
with the device olsr also can.

pcu-wifi, usb-wifi, serial, wired-ethernet, laser-light or (in theory)

Henning Wangerin <(spam-protected)>

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