[OLSR-users] Mobile node(s) in dead spot

asutosh gopinath (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 5 07:33:07 CEST 2006

I have one scenario and I want to know if OLSR can be helpful.

A (mobile node), B mobile node, C (stationary gateway)

Node A is in dead spot and cannot see C, but B travels to-and-fro between A and C and can see A and C. But when node B is near A it also cannot see C.

Is is possible for B to carry data of A when it is close to A and pass them on to C when it is on the way to C? B also needs to send its own data to C. 

I have a linux embedded computer and want to make a MANET out of it using USB Wifi adapter. Does OLSR accept USB Wlan devices?

Thanks and Regards


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