[OLSR-users] BSSID in Freifunk running OLSR

Stuart G. Nielson (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 20 19:14:37 CEST 2006

Just a quick update.  I disconnected the ethernet cables (internet
connections) connected to the two clients.  This allows me to ping to both
routers from either client, but I still cannot ping from client1 to client2,
or client2 to client1.  Is there some additional routing that needs to
happen?  I figured that since both clients are connected wirelessly, there
would be no additional routing or forwarding of packets.

I also telnetted into both routers and tried to ping back (Router1 to
Client1, and Router2 to Client2).  Router2 to Client2 worked, but the other
didn't.  I'm confused because both routers are configured exactly the same.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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I have two WRT54GL routers that I had flashed with Freifunk.  I set up OLSR
and it seemed to be working okay when I set it up as follows:  Client
<-------> Router1 <-------> Router2 <--------> Internet

I could do 'tracert www.google.com' and it would show that it was going
through router1 to router2 out to the internet.  I then connected it to up
another client rather than the internet like so:  Client1 <-------> Router1
<-------> Router2 <--------> Client2

When I did that I couldn't ping the second layer router from either
direction (Client1 couldn't ping Router2, and Client2 couldn't ping
Router1).  I then read somewhere that the BSSID needs to be set on all the
routers in order for them to communicate properly.  I set the BSSID to the
default shown in the Freifunk web admin page and rebooted the router.  Now I
can't even ping the router I am directly connected to.  Has anyone had any
problem like this?  Is there some setting that needs to be set on the client
as well?

I know this might be more of an OLSR issue, but Freifunk is based off of
OpenWRT and many users on this board have likely configured a similar
scenario.  Thanks for any input.


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