[OLSR-users] BSSID in Freifunk running OLSR

Stuart G. Nielson (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 19 22:04:39 CEST 2006

I have two WRT54GL routers that I had flashed with Freifunk.  I set up OLSR
and it seemed to be working okay when I set it up as follows:  Client
<-------> Router1 <-------> Router2 <--------> Internet

I could do 'tracert www.google.com' and it would show that it was going
through router1 to router2 out to the internet.  I then connected it to up
another client rather than the internet like so:  Client1 <-------> Router1
<-------> Router2 <--------> Client2

When I did that I couldn't ping the second layer router from either
direction (Client1 couldn't ping Router2, and Client2 couldn't ping
Router1).  I then read somewhere that the BSSID needs to be set on all the
routers in order for them to communicate properly.  I set the BSSID to the
default shown in the Freifunk web admin page and rebooted the router.  Now I
can't even ping the router I am directly connected to.  Has anyone had any
problem like this?  Is there some setting that needs to be set on the client
as well?

I know this might be more of an OLSR issue, but Freifunk is based off of
OpenWRT and many users on this board have likely configured a similar
scenario.  Thanks for any input.


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