[OLSR-users] little v6 game

Benjamin Hagemann (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 20 04:43:54 CET 2006

Hi All,

I'm a little confused:

Follow scenario, I have a linux server as gateway, here is the tunnel
end/start point for v6 and this machine speaks olsrd too, tell it
machine A. Then an Linksys WRT as machine B and an other wireless linux
device machine C.

Machine A announce like the running v4 net over these machines, the
default and the transfernet. Get the host announces but not the hna
announce by machine C.
Machine B announce no routes like in v4. It gets default and transfernet
route by machine A (host + hna announces). Also it gets the announces by
machine C (host + hna announce).
Machine C get nothing - no default route, no hint how to reach the
transfernet, no other host routes of the mesh.

It seem's as machine B hasn't fun to give the hna announces from left to
right or right to left. Any idea? Do you need more information (routing

Thank you!

ciao, Benny
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