[OLSR-users] status of osx/bsd port

Lorenz Schori (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 6 17:16:39 CET 2006


i'm not quite certain about the status of olsrd on osx/bsd. yesterday  
i tried to get olsrd/osx to talk to olsrd on a linksys wrt54gs on  
freifunk 1.1. using ethereal i could see that there was traffic on my  
wlan interface but neither of the olsrds seemd to realize that it hat  
a fellow. these are the symptoms:

1. startup:
Checking en1:
         Not a wireless interface
         Metric: 6
         MTU - IPhdr: 1472
         Index 0
         Broadcast address:
so. olsrd/osx seems to think that airport extreme is wired. weird...  
(yes i am sure that en1 really is the wlan interface).

2. olsrd/osx sent "HELLO" constantly. seems to be okay (?).

3. olsrd/osx "Received HNA from NON SYM neighbor xx.xxx.xx.xxx"
problem here: olsrd/osx does not set any routing entries. is this a  
known problem?

4. olsrd/osx "Unknown type: 201, size 20, from xx.xxx.xx.xx"
possibly a plugin active on the linksys?

5. if i browse to i don's see any links/ 
neighbors/topology-/hna-/mid-/entries. just empty tables... same  
thing if i look at the status page of the linksys.

system infos:
apple powerbook 12" / osx 10.4.3, airport extreme,
olsrd 0.5.0-pre (from cvs),
olsrd 0.4.10 from http://www.fernsehsofa.de/olsr/ (this puzzles me:  
does it actually work for the author or did he just compile it?),
linksys wrt54gs, freifunk 1.1

any clues? is it suposed to work on osx or does it just compile? what  
about earlier versions?

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