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Vinay Menon (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 27 10:49:24 CET 2006


Thank You all for the replies.

But still i am confused over somethings.

First let me please explain the first scenario again :

I have 3 nodes all assigning private ip (192.168.x.x) All 3 assign a
different range of ip so no issues with conflicts etc.

Node1<____  Initial point of a pc w/o olsr
|          ____
Node2<____  Moves here and Node1 goes off/out of range.
|            ____
Node3 <____

Now in the above case Node1 assigned me the ip first.Then when i move over
to Node2 i am not assigned an ip unless Node2 is restarted (no use
restarting the pc).

But when i tried the same with  freifunk firmware there were no issues like
that.I just had to reconnect and i have a new ip address assigned to me.
This is what made me think that the Olsr-dhcp is doing something and is a
part of olsr itself.Now i guess might be it something to do with dnsmasq

And Benjamin Henrion thank you for the link,ill read and try it out.

Actually my setup is pretty small and for a central DHCP server i guess
Firestarter will be easier and as Bernd Petrovitsch said i can use the relay
and hope it works with that.Also since DHCP relay will be on same interface
and multiple nodes etc anyways those things will be off topic here.

Thanks for the Help


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