[OLSR-users] Olsr Dhcp

Vinay Menon (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 24 09:02:31 CET 2006


I have around 4 nodes with olsrd running  on Openwrt rc4.I have DHCP (for
wifi) enabled on 3 nodes as one node is a gateway to internet(using HNA i
haven't tried dynamic gateway plugin).

I connect to the olsr network using a windows pc that is not running
olsr.Now when i connect for the first time i get a DHCP ip from the nearest
node (consider node2).But if i move on out of range to a new node (node3) it
does not assign me a ip even if i try a reconnect.
The only thing that worked is a reboot of the node (node3).Once i reboot the
node i am trying to connect to it assigns me a new DHCP ip.

I wanted to know if if there is any Olsr DHCP plugin or something which can
help me with this.

BTW if i have olsr running on my pc with a static ip there is no
issues.Butactually it would have been great if the OLSR Switch could 
be minimised to
the system tray :)

I am not sure if the issue i have is related to olsr or Openwrt.But i guess
it involves a bit of both.Also I am sorry if there was any existing
documentation on a similar issue i may have missed.

Also i thank u all for this amazing project which is really well documented
and makes things really easy to learn for Newbies like me.

Thanks you for the help.


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