[OLSR-users] duplicate IP behaviour

Jaap (spam-protected)
Sun Feb 12 11:58:02 CET 2006


When testing what would happen if two OLSR nodes have the same IP, we
found out that both just keep on running, but they loose their peer
connections. This was tested on version 0.4.9 on OpenWRT (Linksys
WRT54G, IPv4).

I tested this a long time ago and i'm quite sure the result back then
was that the first node detecting a simular IP would just crash with a
clear OLSR error message about what went wrong.

Has this behaviour been changed recently, or is this a bug that got into
the software during recent routing-algorithm changes? 

For our un-administered network setup, an OLSR crash that we can detect
would be ideal, so we can just choose another IP and restart OLSR. If
someone knows about another trick to detect duplicate IP numbers, i'm
also very interested.

Thank you for your help,


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