[OLSR-users] OLSR network stability (reply)

Marc Quinton (spam-protected)
Sun Feb 5 18:07:46 CET 2006

> I don't know, every (physical)networksetup is different, and that is the
> reason that it can't give " the one and only working olsr.conf"
> in your network you are working with "TC redundancy: 0" we are working
> with  "TC redundancy: 2"
> everybody gets all information, but we also use the fish (0.4.10)
> most of the nodes in berlin are static, that is the reasen why we try a
> very slow config
> the pollrate is set to 0.1 normal is 0.05, ( some nodes working with the
> faster pollrate) and the LinkQualityWinSize is 100 in our conf , thats
> good for static links, there are not changing...but it makes it also for
> notebook user slower to find the right gw, it is possibble,
> that you have to wait up to 5 min.
> I don't know if the fisheye is the right way, we can't say it works
> better or not, but it works  ;-)
> we have more problems with bat HF connections an people who don't update
> there WRT ... it is "buttom up network" not a "top down" one ;-)

thank you Sven for your good advices, now our network works very-very fine.
- I still use olsr 0.49,
- but I have changed some of your configation options, mainly
TcRedundancy, MprCoverage, TcValidityTime
- and now it works fine. No thing more to do.

PS: when I post a message to this list, I don't receive my messages.
So this is why I reply in  new thread. And now my registred adresse is
in gmail.

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