[OLSR-users] ipv6 patches for olsr nameservice

John Hay (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 11 15:22:19 CET 2006


I have a patch to make the olsr name service plugin work with IPv6 at:


Most of it is pretty straight forward I think. The biggest change is in
write_resolv_file() where instead of using olsr_lookup_routing_table()
I wrote host_lookup_routing_table() which will look through the "main"
routing table and also through the hna table.

One feature that I still would love is to have a way to dynamically
add entries that the plugin will then propagate into the olsr net and
not have to edit olsr.conf and restart olsrd everytime. Maybe instead
of just copying the "add-hosts" file over to the "hosts-file", to
propagate it into the olsr net as well.

My other patches to make olsr work with ipv6 on FreeBSD is also in
that directory.

John Hay -- (spam-protected) / (spam-protected)

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