[OLSR-users] multicast routing.

John Clark (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 14 19:32:01 CEST 2006

While my question is not specific to 'olsrd', I have been trying to set up
a multcast routing environment. However, it seems there is a vast lack
in the linux community (or any other for that matter), on routing multicast

I would like to hear from anyone who has recent experience in setting
up something like the following:

one network cloud, Cloud_1, has one or several multicast streams.

A 'transport cloud', Cloud_2, which may not have any multicast routing 
at all.

And a 'destination cloud', Cloud_3, which may need to have the multicast 
available on Cloud_1.

I've tried setting up 'mrouted' but it does not seem to 'work' for 
certain types of transport
links, in particular when I use the 'mrouted' tunneling feature, or I 
have to do a 'multicast join',
at various points in the transport cloud, which don't make 'sense', 
given I want to tunnel
through this cloud with some form of encapsulation. Then there's the GRE 
tunnel which
doesn't seem to work with mrouted, or at least my configuring of it.

I have downloaded some version of 'pimd', and will test this today. All 
of these
implementations seem to be quite old.

Then there's something called 'XORP'...

There always is the fall back to write my own tunneling app, which of 
course I'll do, but
I would like to use more 'standard' packages out there if available.

John Clark

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