[OLSR-users] OLSRD triggering too many modprobes

Ignacio García Pérez (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 10 13:41:18 CEST 2006


I just finally found out the responsible of the intermitent lockups of 
my embedded systems.

It turns out that whenever olsrd checks for a network interface, a 
kernel module loader event is triggered and modprobe is called.

Since I have like 12 "phantom" interfaces that are in the olsrd 
configuration "just in case" some day they get plugged in, the 12 
modprobe processes put a large load in the system periodically.

The only good way I could think of to solve this is to use a variable 
olsrd.conf file which is updated whenever a new interface is plugged and 
then issues a HUP signal so the olsrd daemon reloads the configuration.

Any other suggestions?.


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