[OLSR-users] Fast Roaming Nodes

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 5 20:33:47 CEST 2006

Another thought-

Try this experiment.  take a buddy, a WRT54G with an external antenna, a 
laptop with an external antenna, and head over to I-95.  Have him set up the 
WRT in AP mode in his car, with the external antenna mounted on the roof (mag 
mount, like a good wardriver).  Now send him two exits up the highway.  Set 
up your laptop with a static IP address to associate to what ever SID the WRT 
is set to, and start pinging the other AP.  Now, using cellphones, coordinate 
your start times and drive towards each other at 75 mph, pinging the IP of 
the WRT the whole time.   Pass each other, drive another mile or so, then 
stop and see how many pings you actually got ACKed on.  If you got ANY, then 
it works at 150mph.  Now, get a radar detector and try again at 115mph 
each ... :)

Seriously, with my weak grasp of physics and radios, I just don't think it 
will work.  But if you do run any tests, let me know, just for curiosity's 

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 11:41, Jaime Vargas wrote:
> Hello,
> I am considering using olsr for a commuter trail corridor.
> Our plan is to placed routers every 500 feet along the tracks.
> My question is can olsrd handle user moving on the mesh
> at 230 miles/hour (337 feet/second).
> That means that user will be hopping from router to router
> every second.
> Has anyone tried such setup? We also expect about 40
> users doing this roaming at the same time. We plan to
> do some trials, but before that I will like to know any
> possible shortcomings.
> Thanks a lot for the help,
> Jaime
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