[OLSR-users] Problem: just between two PCs

Weirong Jiang (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 4 05:00:21 CEST 2006

Hi all,

	I'm now facing a tough problem. Just between two PCs (A and B) that both have olsrd installed. But A can hear B's hello message, while B can't receive any hello message from A. 

	I installed the released olsrd 0.4.10 on two PCs whose configuration were same. The OS were Fedora Core 4. The Wireless NICs we used were Intel Pro/Wireless BG2200 miniPCI cards which worked at ad-hoc mode. They could "ping" each other successfully. I used command: "olsrd -i -eth0 -dispin" and found that, A could receive hello message from B but B can't hear hellos from A. I also confirmed that both were sending hello messages by using command option "-dispout".

	I'm not sure what caused the problem. The software? or the hardware? Could anybody give some advice?

	Thank you very much!



        Weirong Jiang

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