[OLSR-users] forcing main address?

Drew (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 4 04:16:25 CEST 2006

I've got a 6 node OLSR net up now using 0.4.9 (could never get dot_draw 
working in 0.4.10) and only half of them come up with the main address 
set to the first interface specified.

Every one has the same line in olsrd.conf:
Interface "wlan0" "wlan1" "eth0"

But half come up with wlan0's address as main, and the other half come 
up with eth0's address as main. Is there any way to force the main 
address, or is there something else I could check to see what's going 
on? The strange thing is when I start the daemon manually it always 
comes up with wlan0 as the main address, but when I start it with 
/etc/init.d/olsrd start, and check the httpinfo screen, it comes up with 
eth0 as the main address.


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